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While the thought of being in a fire may rarely cross our minds, we may one day find ourselves in this unfortunate circumstance. A fire can occur any time at any place; a car fire, a kitchen accident, a faulty furnace, or other incidents can result in severe pain and injury that may never fully heal. If you are involved in a fire that is caused by someone else’s neglect or fault, you can be awarded a financial payout. While we cannot fix your injuries, we can help you to earn the maximum compensation to which you are entitled.

What are the most common causes of fires?

Some of the most common causes of fires are things that we use everyday. The most common causes of house fires are located in your kitchen. A kitchen fire can be started over the stove, as pots or pans can be the source of an outbreak if cooking is left unattended. In order to avoid a fire outbreak in the kitchen, it is important that one must always be present in the kitchen if there is an open flame. Other causes of fires are located in the kitchen as well, including microwaves and stoves. The most common cause of fires starting in microwaves involve certain materials that were not meant to be placed in these kinds of appliances. Any form of metal or aluminum that is placed in microwave can result in a fire outbreak that could eventually spread to something far worse.

Outside of the kitchen, a house fire can be caused by other everyday occurrences, such as smoking in the house. Should a cigarette not be put out properly, this can very well result in a fire starting. Fires started in a living room or bedroom make up over 70% of all house fires, with cigarettes being among the most common causes. Of course, any open flame is a risk for a fire, and some of the most common in homes include candles or fireplaces. Like a stove top, these can very well lead to a fire breaking out if they are left unattended. As such, it is important to keep watch on any open flame in a room with flammable objects such as furniture or wood.

Homes are not the only pace where a fire can occur; workplace fires are very common as well. Often, a workplace fire can be caused by something as unpredictable as faulty wiring or equipment. Dangerous electrical fires can occur anywhere from a warehouse to an office, which is why they are among the most common types of workplace fires. If proper safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers or overhead sprinklers, are not in place at the time of an outbreak, the fire may only continue to grow and will be more likely to result in serious injury or death to those in its vicinity.

What legal benefits am I entitled to if I am injured in a fire?

In California, the statute of limitations grants an injury victim two years to file a claim. If you are injured in a fire, you are likely entitled to financial compensation if it can be proved that you were not the one at fault. If this can be proven, it is important to proceed with a skilled attorney by your side, as you can be entitled for compensation in many areas, including:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Legal Expenses
  • Property Damage
  • Pain and Suffering

If a loved one is killed in a fire as a result of someone else at fault, you may also pursue legal action on the basis of wrongful death. While we cannot replace your loved one, we can grant your the justice that you deserve in the form of financial compensation.

What qualifies as ‘pain and suffering’ in regards to burn injuries?

Injuries resulting from a fire are likely to fall into the legal category of what is referred to as “pain and suffering.” Pain and suffering falls into two categories: physical and mental. The physical pain and suffering that will result from the fire can take the form of second or third-degree burns and may also result in permanent scarring on the victim that may never fully heal. The judge of your case will likely examine medical records as well as the lasting damage that has resulted on the victim; therefore, it is important to file your claim as soon as possible so that any physical evidence can be easily presented during your case.

Mental pain and suffering is different in that it involves the likeliness of the victim suffering from the trauma of the fire well into the future. These claims can also be brought to the attention of the judge and may just as well result in financial compensation for the victim.

What should I do after I am involved in a fire?

If you are involved in a fire and are injured as a result, you should seek medical attention immediately. Following this, you should consult an attorney in order to ensure that you are given the maximum payout for your claim. A skilled attorney can ensure that you are rewarded the highest amount of financial compensation.

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