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If you or a loved one has been injured in a pedestrian accident caused by someone else, then you have the ability to receive compensation for your losses in a financial settlement. Walking the streets as a pedestrian seems like a daily activity; however, according to the DMV, 22 percent of all traffic fatalities were pedestrians. Pedestrians lack the protection that other people have who are in vehicles. People in vehicles are equipped with seat belts, air bags, and the metal surrounding the vehicle itself. If you or a loved one is a victim of a pedestrian accident and it is caused by someone else’s negligence, then Kleczek Law Office will do its absolute best to earn you the compensation you deserve. Financial compensation can be gathered after evaluating all of the losses the victim undergoes. Certain losses include emergency room bills, ambulance and paramedic charges, rehabilitation services, temporary and permanent disabilities, loss of wages, and pain and suffering. Compensation is often needed for victims to recover emotionally as well. The emotional and physical pain the victim encountered cannot be undone; therefore, the only way to compensate for everything is a financial agreement conducted by Kleczek Law Office.

Who Is At Risk?

Anyone who walks on the sidewalk, crosswalk, or public walkway is at risk for a pedestrian accident. Children and elderly adults are more likely to be involved in a pedestrian accident because they tend to move slower and are less aware of their surroundings. Pedestrian accidents can lead to numerous minor or major injuries.  Certain injuries include cuts, bruises, lacerations, facial trauma, head, neck or spinal injuries, concussions, and more. Urban areas and non-intersections are the most common areas a pedestrian accident can occur in the state of California.

Who Is To Blame?

In order to receive the compensation the victim deserves, he or she must argue and prove that the other person driving the vehicle or other pedestrian was at fault at the time of the pedestrian accident.  In order for David Kleczek, at Kleczek Law Office, to conduct the best case possible for the victim, the victim should gather as much information as the victim can. Immediately following the accident, the victim should gather evidence from witnesses, a written statement from the driver or person at fault, photos of the scene, any of the victim’s injuries, and information on the vehicle that hit you. Gather the person’s insurance information, first and last name, and contact information. However, Kleczek Law Office recommends that any victim of a pedestrian accident should seek medical attention. Do not assume you are okay because even low impact collisions can result in head or neck trauma. It is better to be safe than sorry following a pedestrian accident. After medical treatment is taken care of, the victim should continue to search for evidence that specifically shows the driver or other person is at fault. Street cameras and security cameras can help prove that the driver was negligent. California has specific laws that apply to pedestrians giving them the right of way. For example, drivers should yield to pedestrians when the pedestrians are in a clearly marked crosswalk or other crosswalks that contain a stop sign or stoplight. Drivers are told to reduce the speed of their car and carefully turn at the intersection and take any other precaution necessary to not harm the pedestrian. Pedestrians are told to be cautious when crossing the road as well, but ultimately, since the pedestrian has the right of way, the people operating the vehicles are more often at fault.  Pedestrian accidents can happen by people driving cars, bicyclists, other pedestrians, and even animals.

Most Common Causes for Pedestrian Accidents

The most common pedestrian lawsuits in California had common causes of the pedestrian accident. A jogger on the sidewalk is the most common in California because in California many people use the sidewalks to exercise to keep out of the busy street. If a runner hits a pedestrian, his or her speed and impact can knock the pedestrian to the ground or street resulting in a pedestrian accident. Another common example is an uncontrolled dog knows someone over. Dog owners are expected to have full control of their animal and can be held liable in serious accidents. Dogs on the loose can harm adults and children and potentially knock them to the ground, which also results in a pedestrian accident. Lastly, the third most common pedestrian lawsuit in California is a result of bikers on the sidewalk and then hitting a pedestrian. In some parts of California, biking on the sidewalk is prohibited and only allowed in bike lanes.  However, in other parts of California, biking on the sidewalk is acceptable. If a cyclist harms a pedestrian, the cyclist can be held accountable for the pedestrian accident.

How To Gain The Compensation YOU Deserve

Pedestrian accidents can leave the victim temporarily or permanently impaired. If the pedestrian has a minor injury, he or she should get the medical treatment they need and focus on recovering. Shortly after, negotiations conducted by Kleczek Law Office with the insurance companies, victims, and other people involved can be completed. However, if you suffered severe injuries and gathered extensive medical bills and reports, then the process of completing the case will take longer. Kleczek Law Office wants to ensure that the victim’s well-being and stability are most important.  The value of the victim’s case is determined by a calculation of past medical costs, future medical costs, missed time at work, future earnings, and pain and suffering. Other factors can affect this formula such as prior medical history.

Contact A Pedestrian Accident & Injury Lawyer

Contact David Kleczek at Kleczek Law Office for questions and help regarding pedestrian accidents that affected you, a child, or loved one. Kleczek Law Office works to provide the most compensation possible following the pedestrian accident to attempt to bring the victim back to the same well-being prior to the accident.

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