Express Lane Motor Vehicle Accidents In Oakland 2020

I-880 Express Lanes Open in 2020

Everyone know that traffic is bad in California, but recently Oakland, San Francisco rank 2nd, 4th worst cities in the U.S. to drive, and San Jose came in 14th place out of the 100 most populated cities in the United States – you can learn more HERE.

Recently, the new I-880 express lanes opened to help reduce this problem. You can learn more @ SFGATE. The concern is – are these new lanes safe? Basically, you pay a surcharge and can use these lanes to zoom by traffic. The problem is that they cause accidents, you have two lanes of travel right next to each other going at different rates of speed as traffic is trying to change lanes.

If you have been hurt, injured or involved in an express lane motor vehicle accident – we can help.

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