Air India Plane Crash Causes Death & Injuries To Many

Air India Express Flight 1344

According to the NY TIMES, a Boeing 737 airplane that was returning to southern India from Dubai slid right off the rain-slicked runway, then tumbled down a hill and split in half. Indian officials say that 18 people, including both pilots, were killed and more than 150  were injured.

Officials are investigating the dangerous runway and the pilot’s actions in the crash.

According to the NY TIMES – survivors said they knew something was wrong the instant the wheels hit the ground. “The plane landed at such a high speed and then braked really hard,” said a pssenger who was sitting by a window. “There’s usually a jerk when you land, but this was much harder and then suddenly the plane started going faster.”

Airplane crashes are horrible, but for a plane to crash,  things usually have to go wrong, which seems to have been the case in Flight 1344.

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