How to Find a Top Personal Injury Lawyer in Oakland, California

Are you worried about how to find the best personal injury lawyer in Oakland, California? With an impressive array of lawyers plying their trade, choosing a professional personal injury lawyer can be an uphill task. But all is not lost! The following tips would come in handy in your search after a major injury.

Ensure the personal injury lawyer has superior credentials and local experience

Sometimes it is advisable to give ‘national’ law firms a wide berth. Some personal injury firms advertise across the nation while they don’t even have a local practice! So, when you approach these firms, they’ll do everything to retain you, then immediately outsource your case to a local personal injury attorney and forget about you.

Focus on firms with major verdicts

Significant verdicts mean the lawyers are experienced and can be trusted to deliver. Experienced personal injury lawyers should have record-breaking or major million-dollar settlements and verdicts under their belts. This is a testament to their prowess.

Online reviews rarely lie

Look for online reviews. Search the keyword ‘personal injury lawyer in Oakland, California’ on the major search engines. Then read the reviews left by clients who were served by the lawyers listed. The more glowing the reviews and the more five-stars, the more proficient the lawyers are likely to be.

Check for awards 

Check if the injury lawyer you are eyeing has won any awards. Their website would be a good place to start. Alternatively, you can check monthly or periodic legal journals or publications for any mention of lawyers who have been feted for their exemplary services in the personal injury field.

Make up your mind on the size of firm you wish to retain

Are you comfortable with massive, medium-sized, or small personal injury law firms? While many people do not take this into account when choosing, there are pros and cons associated with the kind of firm you settle for.

Has the personal injury specialist you are considering been featured on the media? Are they a powerhouse or go-to resource in the personal injury industry? These aspects are a sure way to know whether the lawyer is someone you can put your trust in.

After you are through with your research, you can move confidently into the next crucial phase. Compile a list of the most impressive attorneys who match the points listed above. After shortlisting the best, you are now ready for the most important stage.

After identifying the best possible picks, call and schedule a case evaluation. Remember that you have to have a face-to-face meeting with your actual attorney, and not a paralegal or an intake specialist. It pays to look the person who is going to handle your case in the eye directly. 

Proceed with the lawyer you trust

After meeting with the few shortlisted candidates, you get to choose the one you feel most comfortable with. Always follow your gut feeling as it can save you tons of heartache and money!